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Tap the wealth of libraries. 

They may be closed, but their online resources are vast. Download the Libby app to access ebooks, audio books, and magazines. You can even stream video with the Kanopy app through participating libraries. If you’ve never gotten around to signing up for a library card, it’s not too late. Boston Public Library’s eCard gives any Massachusetts resident access to its massive online offerings of books, videos, learning tools, and much more. Even more options here. Online Children’s Library

179 History Documentaries You Can Watch Right Now (No Membership Required)

Experience the natural world in real time with Explore.org’s YouTube channel

You can take a virtual tour of these Mass. museums and cultural institutions

Browse great works of art online

The Museum of Fine Arts and the Institute of Contemporary Art offer ready access to their collections, plus videos of gallery tours, lectures, and artist interviews. The MFA and the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum are posting with #MuseumFromHome on their social channels. Scroll through the FeministFuturist exhibit online at the Boston Center for the Arts, which features photographs and videos of the feminist Utopian-themed exhibit.

Browse the Van Gogh Museum

Visit the world’s treasures. Google Arts & Culture is a gateway to art, architecture, and other global icons.

Stay connected to local artists through the Social Distancing Gallery, where you can peruse a range of art, from watercolor drawings to plastic sculptures. The feed is from the Piano Craft Gallery, a volunteer-run nonprofit in the Piano Craft Guild, where artists live and work in the South End.

Play classic board games, like Catan and Scrabble, virtually. 

Stream classical music from the Boston Symphony Orchestra, which is opening up its vaults for a new online series. A “BSO Homeschool” page will include videos and other educational offerings for children. The Globe’s Zoë Madonna has also offered a list of 9 other places to livestream classical music.

Enjoy the multimedia art showcased by the Kennedy Center Resource Collection

College Admission

Questbridge is a powerful platform that connects the nation’s brightest students from low-income backgrounds with leading institutions of higher education and further opportunities.

Bottom Line has helped thousands of low-income and first-generation students get to college, stay in college, and earn their degrees.

Urban Scholars is a place for committed students to build the skills, muster the drive, and live the experiences that will ensure their success in college.

Free MCAT Resources

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