Early childhood education

Daily Routine


Packet with ideas of fun ways to play

Books for kids who worry or have anxiety

Story to help children acclimate to wearing masks

You can take a virtual tour of these Mass. museums and cultural institutions

Masking Tape Hop-Scotch Game
Directions: Cut out each card and arrange them upside down on the floor. Let your child flip over one at a time, acting out each card before moving on to the next one.

You’re kids aren’t to young to talk about race: helpful resources

About Teaching Tolerance

You Tube Yoga Chanel for Kids: Cosmic Kids Yoga

Project for Kids

Tap the wealth of libraries. 

They may be closed, but their online resources are vast. Download the Libby app to access ebooks, audio books, and magazines. You can even stream video with the Kanopy app through participating libraries. If you’ve never gotten around to signing up for a library card, it’s not too late. Boston Public Library’s eCard gives any Massachusetts resident access to its massive online offerings of books, videos, learning tools, and much more. Even more options here. Online Children’s Library

Listen to children’s books read aloud by celebrities.

Listen to astronauts aboard the International Space Station read books and perform demonstrations.

Learn to draw beloved cartoon characters during episodes of “Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems” 

Watch an aquarium live feed. You can see African penguins courtesy of the Mystic Aquarium or an octopus feeding through Boston’s New England Aquarium

Browse the Van Gogh Museum

Download free coloring books from 113 museums from around the world

Stream classical music from the Boston Symphony Orchestra, which is opening up its vaults for a new online series. A “BSO Homeschool” page will include videos and other educational offerings for children. The Globe’s Zoë Madonna has also offered a list of 9 other places to livestream classical music.

Enjoy the multimedia art showcased by the Kennedy Center Resource Collection

Supporting Children at Home

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